Occupation Guidelines are family, individual or participative exercises that claim the right to laziness, to boredom, to contemplation and to the need for free time to subvert, reinvent and transcend-even if only temporarily so-the established order.

Occupation Guidelines is a project commissioned to Pequeños Misterios to occupy and activate the temporary installation by Fritz Haeg & Nils Norman: Proposals for a Plaza at Museo Jumex.

Pequeños Misterios is a group designers, artists, publishers and writers inspired by childhood, who are interested in questioning, understanding and reliving this stage of life in order to recover the power of imagination by drawing doors and windows on the walls of everyday life.

These guidelines have been proposed to be carried out in Museo Jumex’s plaza or any other:

-Give messages
-Connect the dots
-Make sculptures with the body
-Listen to or give a speech
-Not see
-Tell the stories that take place in this space
-Not speak
-See like children
-Make believe you are anything but a human being
-Organize a collective choreography
-Carry out a ritual
-Carry out the same action
-Unexpectedly use the elements of the plaza
-Make and/or listen to music
-Participate in a civic ceremony or a public demonstration