17.OCT.2024 - 05.JAN.2025

Silhouettes in the Undergrowth is a group exhibition that explores the ways in which bodies exists and inhabit territory. Works by six Latin American artists of different generations share the museum galleries, creating sensorial landscapes both within and between the works.

The works are direct references to the artists’ environments and speak to particular places in the diverse region. From the archaeological site of Yagul in Mexico to the Amazon, passing through Panajachel in Guatemala and the archipelago of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean. Through a variety of formats such as installation, performance, video and painting, the gallery is transformed into an immersive space where the construction of the contemporary landscape is explored, as well as its political, historical and affective dimensions.

The title is inspired by relationship of human bodies with the unkept landscape present in many of the artists’ practices, in particular Ana Mendieta’s significant series, Silueta [Silhouette] where the artist’s body is traced out on the ground, making obvious the connection between contemporary human existence, history and nature. As undergrowth impacts the area where it grows, in Silhouettes in the Undergrowth the artists’ practices proliferate and influence their context.

Artists: Ana Mendieta (Cuba, 1948 - USA, 1985), Frieda Toranzo Jaeger (Mexico, 1988) Minia Biabiany (Guadeloupe, 1988), Nohemí Pérez (Colombia, 1962), Vivian Caccuri (Brazil, 1986), Vivian Suter (Argentina, 1949).

Ana Mendieta, Alma Silueta en Fuego (Silueta de Cenizas), 1975. D.R. © Ana Mendieta/Artists Rights Society (ARS), Nueva York/SOMAAP/México/2024

Exhibition organized by Museo Jumex.

Curated by Kit Hammonds, Chief Curator, Marielsa Castro Vizcarra, Associate curator, and Adriana Kuri Alamillo, Curatorial Assistant.