Furthering its commitment to experimentation and innovation, the curatorial program at Museo Jumex is exemplary of the museum’s vision. It’s objective is to provide our audiences with the tools to apprehend the historical, social and cultural specificities of the art of our time through our exhibitions and public programs.
El orden natural de las cosas. Coleccion Jumex. Museo Jumex
Exhibition view The Natural Order of Things

The museum’s present and future program rethinks its approach to contemporary art practices by identifying fields of agency outside the boundaries of the institutional-gallery framework and the art-historical canon, which can be briefly summarized as follows: culture, which inscribes art within the scope of production staked out by the disciplines of anthropology, ethnography, sociology, and cultural studies; the built environment, which addresses art’s engagement with our man-made surroundings, expanding the concept to include design in all of its forms, graphic, industrial, fashion, architectural and urban; information, which examines the ontological shift brought about by the information revolution, one that not only transformed information into capital and power but that also enabled the dematerialized, contextual, ecological and systems-based art practices of the 1960s and 1970s; the intersection between art and life, which considers the implications of the “social turn” in contemporary art, addressing the relation between art and politics, the importance of public space, community-formation, and social practice. This structure enables us to inscribe the exhibitions in our program into one or more fields, adding to the museum’s aim to foster understanding and discussion about a broader and contextual vision of the relation between contemporary art and culture.

The program at Museo Jumex seeks to engage a broad and diverse audience, implemented through exhibitions, performances, participatory works, the activation of public space, and educational programs.

General Idea. Museo Jumex. Mexico. arte contemporaneo
Exhibition view General Idea: Broken Time. Museo Jumex