The Jumex Grant Program was created to support artists and organizations committed to the production, research and promotion of contemporary art. These grants are awarded annually through an open call.
Important dates:

Results announcement

Registry opens

Registry closes

Deadline to fill out the application

JAN. 2018
Results announcement

Steps to apply
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  1. Register.
  2. Confirm your registration by responding to the registration email that will be sent to you.
  3. Log in to your application session and fill out the application form for your selected category including the required documentation.
  4. Submit your completed application form before the deadline.
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El registro actualmente está cerrado, consulta las bases en septiembre del 2017.
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The production of high quality contemporary art exhibitions, whose curatorial and management processes are almost completed and research can be realized in terms of assembly, insurance, transportation and distribution work. The benefited projects should be supported by letters from the venue where the exhibition takes place and by organizers (curator, artist, producer, manager).

Includes those professional artistic production projects and/or theoretical-historical research that are in the process that contribute to the diagnosis and dialogue of contemporary art. Accepted projects must address fields closely related and committed to the study of contemporary artistic practices, and they will result in an exhibition, a publication or an artwork. Funds may be used to support travel expenses, archival research, interviews, materials, among other items.

This field supports the publication of projects that contribute which its contents and format to promote the understanding, study, and reflection of contemporary art. Accepted projects should be ready for editing and / or publication. The end result can be a physical or digital publication.

This category refers to the educational events that promote and disseminate information and specialized knowledge about contemporary art through dialogue and collective reflection. Accepted projects could be seminars, conferences, workshops, colloquia, symposia, study groups, among other activities. Accepted projects must have the support of an institution, organization or association to guarantee its realization.

This support will be given to artists to develop projects in various areas, as well as institutions that offer art through research and analysis of particular context residences. A prestigious institution must back these proposals.

Selection criteria
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A committee selected by Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo will evaluate all applications and make a selection. This decision will be final.

Applications will be selected based on the following parameters:
a) Project feasibility.
b) Consistency with the mission and interests of Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo.
c) Information consistency and accuracy
d) Excellence, professionalism and originality

Results & notification
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The final deadline for submission was October 31, 2016. Proposals were reviewed during November. The selected of projects will be during December. Those responsible for each selected project will be notified via email during the month of January 2017 and the results will be published online.