Based on the book A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction (1977) by Christopher Alexander, Proposals for a Plaza by artists Fritz Haeg and Nils Norman are part of the general “carnival” pattern, that convert the museum plaza into a space for events, performances, gatherings and other activities proposed by the public.

Artists Mercedes Azpilicueta, Xavier Rodríguez and Manu Sol Mateo will present a series of performances as part of the Proposals for a Plaza project.

Patrón —piece by Xavier Rodríguez—analyzes the different meanings and etymologies of that word. Vestidos de Orfea by Manu Sol Mateo is a show that adopts the burlesque genre for one-on-one encounters. Mercedes Azpilicueta uses street talk in her vocal performance Ye-gua-ye-ta-yu-ta.

The artists are part of the exhibition The Effects of Pressure and the Sudden Expulsion, a “El cuarto de máquinas” project, curated by Mauricio Limón.