Museos en común is an initiative that brings together artists, architects, and communities to create common spaces where practices, knowledge, and experiences can be shared. The project includes an exhibition at Museo Jumex and a public program. Both seek to expand on relevant themes related to the common: the collective construction of learning, caring, and context, and to bring the museum closer to diverse audiences.

This initiative also aims to create long-term connections, as well as to reflect on the roles and responsibilities that cultural institutions have as social agents within communities.

The first edition of Museos en común began development in January 2022, with the families and tenants of Mercado Granada—a market located in the same neighborhood as the museum—specifically with a group of children between the ages of 5-11 and their caregivers. With a history of more than 60 years in the area, the market is located one kilometer from the museum and is a traditional place to buy food and merchandise in the neighborhood.

The community process has been carried out through an exchange of knowledge between the community of the market and artists Alonso Gorozpe (Mexico City, 1987), Chavis Mármol (Apan, 1984), and architect Mariana Ríos (Mexico City, 1988), who organized play sessions and workshops. As part of the process, a set of furniture was co-designed for the underused outdoor space of the market. The furniture will be on view at Museo Jumex during October 2022 and will populate a meeting space for a series of activities that make up the public program, in which individuals, collectives and institutions will share their research on the theme of the common or previous experiences with community processes.

Far from a traditional exhibition, what will be presented in this space throughout a month will be the collective experiences and learnings around building common spaces. Invited artists Julia Barrios (Mexico City, 1991), Carmen Serratos (Cuautitlán, 1993), and Israel Martínez (Guadalajara, 1979) will present performance and sound works based on their own experiences of the market.

08.OCT. – 06.NOV.2022 | First Floor
The exhibition revolves around furniture designed with the community of Mercado Granada and artists Alonso Gorozpe, Chavis Mármol and architect Mariana Ríos. To activate this space, a sound piece by Israel Martínez and a series of performances by Julia Barrios, with costumes designed by Carmen Serratos, will be shown.
Alonso Gorozpe, Carmen Serratos, Chavis Mármol, Israel Martínez Julia Barrios Mariana Ríos

11 AM | Performance and sound action
Walk from Mercado Granada to Museo Jumex, along Ferrocarril de Cuernavaca, the museum plaza and exhibition gallery.
1 PM | Conversation with the artists who co-designed the furniture, a representative of Mercado Granada and Sofía Santana, Education Department, Museo Jumex. Moderator: Marielsa Castro Vizcarra, Associate Curator, Museo Jumex.

SATURDAYS | 15.OCT., 22.OCT., 29.OCT., 05.NOV.2022
4 PM | First Floor Performance by Julia Barrios

CLOSING CELEBRATION 06.NOV.2022 11 AM | First Floor | Performance and sound action
Walk from Museo Jumex to Mercado Granada, along museum plaza, Ferrocarril de Cuernavaca, and the market.

13.OCT. – 05.NOV.2022
Bringing together different national and international voices that have developed re- search on the theme of the common and highlighted the links between community and cultural practices, the public program is based on four axes:
1) What is the common?
2) Common places
3) Common actors
4) Common learnings and knowledge
Conferences, panels, and workshops will be held over the course of four weeks.

What is the common?
The events will revolve around the concept of the common. Through the speakers’ research and experiences, they will discuss how they approach this term from their own practices.

5:30 PM | Introduction
Marielsa Castro Vizcarra, Associate Curator, Museo Jumex
6 PM | Conference
Silvia Federici (Italy-USA), writer, professor, and artist Vía Zoom

12 PM | Panel
· Keyna Eleison (Brazil), Artistic Co-Director of Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro
· Gia Enriquez (Peru-USA), Community Organizer, Queens Museum
· Tonatiuh López and Antonio Barrientos (Mexico), members of the Museo Arte Contemporáneo Ecatepec (MarCE)
Moderator: Marielsa Castro Vizcarra, Associate Curator, Museo Jumex

We will discuss site-specific community processes, the differences between public space and common space, as well as the role of contemporary art collectives and institutions in integrating neighboring communities into their public programming.

6 PM | Conference
Sofía Olascoaga (México), educational curator and artist

12 PM | Panel
Participants: · Marcelo López Dinardi (Puerto Rico-USA), architect
· Cognate Collective (Mexico-USA), art collective
· Melissa Aguilar (Colombia), Curator, La Tertulia
Moderator: Sofía José Amorim, Education Coordinator, Museo Jumex

The conversations will address the role of individuals who promote the construction of common goods, as well as links with communities through artistic practice and cultural and educational institutions.

6 PM | Conference
Massimiliano Mollona (Italy-UK), writer, filmmaker, and anthropologist

12 PM | Panel
· José Luis Paredes (Mexico), Director, Museo del Chopo
· Ana Laura López de la Torre (Uruguay), artist, educator and writer · Third participant to be confirmed
Modera: Marielsa Castro Vizcarra, Associate Curator, Museo Jumex

Pedagogical practices and knowledge in contemporary art that promote the construction of community processes will be presented.

11 AM | Conference
Mina Lorena Navarro (Mexico), activist, sociologist, and professor
12 PM |Panel
· Proyecto Yivi (Mexico), artistic collective
· Mónica Hoff (Brasil), art educator
· Jordi Ferreiro (España), artist and educador
Moderator: Sofía José Amorim, Education Coordinator, Museo Jumex

SATURDAYS | 15.OCT., 22.OCT., 29.OCT., 05.NOV.2022 | 12 PM
Workshops for teenagers and young adults
SUNDAYS | 09.OCT., 16.OCT. 23.OCT.2022 | 11 AM
Mini domingo

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