Performance / Museos en común
Desplegar los vínculos: performance by Julia Barrios de la Mora and Rocío Reyes

Desplegar los vínculos (2022), is a series of performances by Julia Barrios de la Mora and Rocío Reyes in which the artists will use a costume designed by Carmen Serratos Chavarría, Granada (2022), and a sound piece by Israel Martínez, Menú (Mercado Granada) (2022); the three works are based on experiences and workshops given by the artists in the market.

The performance proposes a collective experience developed with playful and sensorial dynamics based on movement and in relation to elements in the market, the exhibition, and the spatial, sound, and light characteristics of the gallery.

Carmen Serratos Chavarría
Visual artist. Serratos Chavarría’s line of work mainly addresses issues related to gender roles, femininity, and housework. She uses media such as textiles, text, drawing and the use of common objects, from which she generates re-readings that give them new meanings. For the artist, everyday objects have great potential to be re-signified and can be elevated to an artistic category, so that the distinction between common objects and artistic objects is subverted.

Israel Martínez
He works with sound as a starting point, as a theme or as research, creating artworks and projects materialized in multichannel audio installations, video, photography, actions, and text; with the aim of generating social and political reflections in a critical way, and often exploring the stealth as a communicative situation of relevance today.

Julia Barrios de la Mora
Performer, choreographer and living arts researcher, Barrios de la Mora studied dance with a specialization in choreography at ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem, The Netherlands. Her work develops through performative explorations with non-human material bodies, sensory and perceptual openness practices, generation of collective and participatory experiences that seek to enhance the aesthetic experiences of presence, encounter, collectivity, listening, detail, and contemplation. Her reflections are materialized in various formats: performance installation, digital platforms, choreography, video, laboratories, and text, which have been presented and supported by several platforms in Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Photo: Israel Esparza