08.OCT. - 06.NOV.2022
Museos en común

Museos en común is an initiative that brings communities together with artists, architects, and designers to create spaces in which to share practices, knowledge, and experiences. The project includes an exhibition at Museo Jumex and a public program. Both seek to expand on relevant themes related to the common: the collective construction of learning, caring, and context, and to bring the museum closer to diverse audiences. This initiative also aims to create long-term connections, as well as to reflect on the roles and responsibilities that cultural institutions have as social agents within communities.

Museos en común has been developing since January 2022 with the tenants of Mercado Granada and their families, which is located in the museum’s neighborhood. The exhibition revolves around ¡Pásele, pásele! (2022), furniture co-designed with the community of Mercado Granada and artists Alonso Gorozpe (Mexico City, 1987), Chavis Mármol (Apan, 1984) and architect Mariana Ríos (Mexico City, 1988). A sound piece by Israel Martínez (Guadalajara, 1979) and a series of performances by Julia Barrios de la Mora (Mexico City, 1991), with costumes designed by Carmen Serratos Chavarría (Cuautitlán, 1993), activate the space.

Far from a traditional exhibition, what will be presented in the gallery throughout a month, will be the collective experiences and learnings around building common spaces.

Artists: Alonso Gorozpe, Carmen Serratos Chavarría, Chavis Mármol, Israel Martínez, Julia Barrios de la Mora, Mariana Ríos.

Calendario museos en común

The exhibition and the public program are organized by Marielsa Castro Vizcarra, Associate Curator of the Museo Jumex, Sofía José Amorim, Sofía Caín Santana and Francisco Navarrete, from the Department of Education of the Museo Jumex.

With the support of Paisajismo Urbano Yaax.

Photo: Abigail Enzaldo