Luisa Lambri
Untitled (Barragan House, #35), 2005
Luisa Lambri (1969)
Untitled (Barragan House, #35), 2005
Laserchrome print
70.2 x 80 cm
This series of images was made at Casa Luis Barragán, built in 1947 in Mexico City, by the modernist architect Luis Barragan (1902–1988) who lived and worked at this residence half of his life. Before taking her photographs, Luisa Lambri spends time in the buildings and spaces she seeks to portray in order to capture the changing quality of light and shadow. At Barragán’s house, Lambri focused on a square window, taking pictures of it with its Dutch shutters in slightly different positions, resulting in cross-like configurations that have distinctly religious and Modernist overtones. Her large, mostly black-and-white images comment on the medium of photography and the legacy of Modernist abstraction through the work of other artists and architects.