29.NOV.2018 - 31.MAR.2019
Could Be (An Arrow):
A reading of la Colección Jumex
This reading of the Jumex Collection explores the way in which a group of women artists have deployed certain conceptual and formal strategies to interrogate and, in some cases, subvert the traditional canons of image production in art. The exhibition takes on board topics that range from physical and physiological phenomena in relation to light, to the construction of landscape as a historical subject, to representations of oneself through the Other as well as through space, and the affects involved in doing so. In addition to the works from the Jumex Collection, other pieces punctuate certain key aspects and function as hinges within the general narrative of this exhibition.
  • Levine, Sherrie
  • Lawler, Louise
  • Smith, Melanie
  • Smith, Kiki
  • Rossell, Daniela
  • Lara, Adriana
  • Lockhart, Sharon
  • Höfer, Candida
  • Deball, Mariana Castillo
  • Cuevas, Minerva
  • Pica, Amalia
  • Trockel, Rosemarie
  • Holzer, Jenny
  • Davey, Moyra
  • Trouvé, Tatiana
  • Lucas, Sarah
  • Horn, Roni
  • Bove, Carol
  • Lambri, Luisa
  • Hugonnier, Marine
  • Mendieta, Ana
  • Dijkstra, Rineke
  • Floyer, Ceal
  • Messager, Annette
  • Castillo, Mónica
  • Dean, Tacita
  • Rist, Pipilotti
  • Collier, Anne
  • Wilke, Hannah
  • Opie, Catherine
  • Gallardo , Ana
Project organized by Catalina Lozano, associated curator and María Emilia Fernández, curatorial assistant, Museo Jumex.