07.OCT.2021 - 13.FEB.2022

Curated by artist Sofía Táboas, Ambient Temperature presents 35 works from the Colección Jumex to create a journey from the suffocating heat of the desert to the air-conditioned, impersonal spaces of contemporary life. Filling the third floor of the museum with videos, photographs, installations, and sculptures by renowned international artists including Francis Alÿs, Tacita Dean, Mark Dion, Olafur Eliasson, Gabriel Kuri, Alicja Kwade, Ann Veronica Janssens, and Salla Tykkä. Ambient Temperature considers heat poetically—how it travels through the body, affecting experiences and emotions, against the backdrop of global climate change. Differences in temperatures represented by the works generate transitional spaces, intermediate states, and moments of discrepancy.

This exhibition is in dialogue within the museum, with Sofía Táboas: Thermal Range. These complementary exhibitions explore the relationships between human and natural forces through the work of an individual artist and her perspective on the work of her contemporaries.

  • Lawler, Louise
  • McCracken, John
  • Kuri, Gabriel
  • Höfer, Candida
  • Gaillard, Cyprien
  • Alÿs, Francis
  • Lambri, Luisa
  • Dion, Mark
  • Männikkö, Esko
  • Janssens, Ann Veronica
  • Demand, Thomas
  • Tykkä, Salla
  • Mora, Gabriel de la
  • Hodges, Jim
  • Ader, Bas Jan
  • Pitta, Thiago Rocha
  • Puente, Ale de la
  • Crewdson, Gregory
  • Dean, Tacita
  • Hernandez, Anthony
  • Herrán, Juan Fernando
  • Misrach, Richard
  • Gursky, Andreas
  • West, Franz
  • Eliasson, Olafur
  • Lovis Caputo (1979) y Sarah Kueng (1981), Kueng Caputo,
  • Esser , Elger
  • Kwade, Alicja
  • Stoll, George
  • Suh , Do Ho

Guest Curator: Sofía Táboas
Organized by Kit Hammonds, Chief Curator, and Cindy Peña, Curatorial Assistant, Museo Jumex.

Foto: Ramiro Chaves