07.OCT.2021 - 13.FEB.2022

Sofía Táboas: Thermal Range [Gama térmica] presents the work of Mexican artist Sofía Táboas through an individual exhibition with a new group of sculptures and paintings by the artist that examine themes of habitable space, the transformation of materials, and the temperature of color.

Sofía Táboas investigates both natural and man-made space, as well as how it is built and transformed, thought about, and perceived. These ideas are explored in her sculptures and installations, which utilize materials such as artificial and live plants, mosaics, pool equipment, construction materials, plastic, light bulbs, and fire. Her works create thresholds and boundaries between elements that may be incongruent or seemingly irreconcilable, serving to reinvent the borders of the public and the private, the inside and the outside.

Curated by Kit Hammonds, Chief Curator of Museo Jumex, this exhibition is in dialogue within the Museum, with Colección Jumex: Ambient Temperature, curated by Sofía Táboas. These complementary exhibitions explore the relationships between human and natural forces through the work of an individual artist and her perspective on the work of her contemporaries.

Organized by Kit Hammonds, Chief Curator, and Adriana Kuri Alamillo, Curatorial Assistant, Museo Jumex.

Foto: Ramiro Chaves