Account 233
Stephen Dean
Stephen Dean. Account 233 [Cuenta 233], 2002. La Colección Jumex

The artist Stephen Dean uses color and light as a language and usually plays with different ranges of color tones in his body of work. What do you think Stephen Dean’s sculpture is made of? They’re pocket books, can you believe it?!

We propose the following:

  • Objects you have at home (food boxes, cans, books, clothes, etc.)
  • Camera, tablet or your cell phone camera
Step One
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Collect objects at home that are different colors.
Step Two
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Arrange them in a tower, a circle, or the shape you want, to create a composition based on the color of these objects.
Step Three
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Take a photo of your final composition.

What happens to the objects you used when you only notice their color?

We would love to see your composition! Share it with us by tagging us on Facebook: Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo or Instagram: @museojumex