Catherine Opie
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Catherine Opie. Mary, 2012

Catherine Opie recalls the style of some Barroque paintings through her manipulation of light and shadow, as well as the characteristic hairstyle of Mary Kelly (the artist portrayed in this work). However, there is an aspect that does not completely agree with this type of work: Mary’s position in front of the camera, since she is facing away from the viewer.

We propose the following:

-Pencil and paper
- Cellular, tablet or portable camera
- 2 or more people
Step One
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Think of some important woman in your life, it could be your mom, your grandmother, your sister or a friend.
Step Two
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Draw or describe a trait or gesture characteristic of her, for example, the color of her nails or the way she feels.
Or, if possible, take a picture showing these traits.
Step Three
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Share your photo or drawing with more people, talk about the women you chose and think about whether there are similarities or differences between them.

Analyze, what characteristics make the women around you unique?

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