Francis Alÿs
Alyì sfranciscuandolafe005
Francis Alÿs. Cuando la fe mueve montañas, Lima, Perú, 11 de abril de 2002, 2002. La Colección Jumex

On April 11, 2002, 500 volunteers lined up with shovels along a dune located in the outskirts of Lima, Peru. Everyone started to excavate and move dirt from one side to the other, which resulted in a minimal movement of the dune; they managed to move it 10 cm. Francis Alÿs convened this action during the Lima Biennial, two years after Alberto Fujimori’s dictaroship had come to an end. This action is considered an allegory for the collective faith in a better future for the country, and how this faith can result in something.

Can you recall any other collective actions which have resulted in changing something?

We propose the following activity:

What you need:
• Pencils, pens, markers or crayons
• Paper
• 2 or more participants
Step One
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Draw a line on a sheet of paper. Your line can be straight, zigzag, a spiral, diagonal; take up the whole sheet or just a fragment.
Step Two
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Ask another participant to do the same on a new sheet of paper.
Step Three
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Repeat this action with the number of participants you wish. Each one should get 3 turns.
Step Four
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Once all lines are done, lay out the sheets of paper to generate a collective drawing.
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