I Don´t Have a Title for It, Maybe We Should Have a Contest?
Louise Lawler
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Louise Lawler. I Don´t Have a Title for It, Maybe We Should Have a Contest?, 2002-2003. La Colección Jumex

Through photographs, Louise Lawler documents works from various artists in different spaces like: storage rooms or galleries amid a mounting process.
In her photograph I Don´t Have a Title for It, Maybe We Should Have a Contest?, Lawler presents a work by Gerhard Richter, and invites the spectator to participate, by opening the possibility of naming the artwork through a contest.
Do you think the title of an artwork could be determined by chance?

We propose the following activity:

You will need:
  • A printed image (it may or may not reference an artwork) for each participant
  • Adhesive tape
  • 2 or more participants
Step One
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Take your image and tape it on any surface.
Step Two
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Ask the rest of the participants to propose a name for the work.
Step Three
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Vote to select the winning title.
Step Four
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Each participant may repeat the activity with an image of their choice.

Remember: Experiment with spaces and orientation in which you can tape the image you’ve selected. Is placing an image on the wall the same as placing it on the floor or celling? What happens if you place the image upside down? Can the image’s position lead to thinking about alternative names than if it were elsewhere?

We would love to see your artwork and its winning title! Share them with us by tagging @museojumex on Instagram or Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo on Facebook.