Daniela Rossell
Third World Blondes (Harem Room), 2002
Daniela Rossell (1973)
Third World Blondes (Harem Room), 2002
112.5 x 154 cm
Daniela Rossell began a photographic project she titled Ricas y famosas [Rich and Famous], in 1993-1994 that exposed the lifestyles of women of the Mexican elite. More than portraits of these women in traditional settings, Rossell encouraged them to play out roles in their grandiose offices, living rooms, or bedrooms. The women, daughters or wives of wealthy men, appear in exaggerated and sexualized poses, causing the project to become scandalous to a still demure Mexican society, which the artist intended to critique in these images where femininity, power, and wealth are merged in a disturbing, if consistent, form of portraiture.