27.MAR. - 15.AUG.2021

Normal Exceptions: Contemporary Art in Mexico is a thematic survey of contemporary art in Mexico over the past 20 years. Drawing primarily from the Colección Jumex with additional works by invited artists and collaborators, the exhibition will fill the entire museum with more than 60 works by artists based in Mexico, including those of international origin, and Mexican artists living and working abroad. The museum’s galleries will be stripped down to their original design for the exhibition, allowing for the installation of large-scale, conceptual works and ample natural light throughout the galleries.

Throughout the run of the exhibition, the first-floor gallery will feature three different installations presented sequentially and curated in collaboration with an organization that has played a significant role in the formation of contemporary art in Mexico. The first is Paisajes, a series of activities organized in collaboration with the independent art space SOMA.
The second is a collaboration with ZⓈONAMACO conceived by the artists Rometti Costales Aires acondicionados, and the third a play, INSITE: Speech Acts, written by the curator Andrea Torreblanca.

Normal Exceptions continues Museo Jumex’s year-long series of exhibitions highlighting works from the renowned Colección Jumex, one of the leading collections of Mexican art, and one of the most significant private collections of contemporary art in Latin America.

Artists: Abraham Cruzvillegas, Ale de la Puente, Ana Segovia, Chantal Peñalosa, Circe Irasema, Damián Ontiveros Ramírez, Damián Ortega, Daniel Guzmán, Daniela Rossell, Diego Pérez García, Eduardo Abaroa, El Chino, Elisa Pinto, Francis Alÿs, G.T. Pellizzi, Gabriel Kuri, Gabriel Orozco, Ilán Lieberman, Iñaki Bonillas, Jorge Méndez Blake, Jorge Satorre, José Dávila, Julieta Aguinaco, Lake Verea, Laureana Toledo, Leo Marz, Lorena Ancona, Marcelino Barsi, Mario García Torres, Melanie Smith, Miguel Calderón, Miguel Fernández de Castro, Pedro Reyes, Pia Camil, Raúl Ortega Ayala, Stefan Brüggemann, Tania Candiani, Tania Pérez Córdova, Tania Ximena y Yollotl Alvarado, Tercerunquinto, Teresa Margolles, Ximena Garrido-Lecca, Virginia Colwell, Yoshua Okón and Zhivago Duncan.

Organized by Kit Hammonds, Chief Curator, Adriana Kuri Alamillo and Cindy Peña, Curatorial Assistants, Museo Jumex.
Photo: Ramiro Chaves