Francis Alÿs
Sleepers, 1999
Francis Alÿs (1959)
Sleepers, 1999
84 slides and projector
Variable dimensions
Francis Alÿs moved to Mexico City in the mid-1980s and began creating works that recorded the daily life of the Historic Center. Among them is this series of photographs in which he documented people and dogs sleeping on the streets, benches and bus stops in the neighborhood. More than a social commentary on the living conditions of these people, Alÿs exhibits the way in which his subjects appropriate the street. By surrendering themselves to sleep in public spaces, both animals and humans seem to defy regulations and civic norms. Taken at ground level, these images invite us to rethink the city from another point of view and to reflect on the ideas of development, order and homogeneity promoted by modernist ideology. About this series, Alÿs has commented that: “Sleepers records the way dreaming might have a role in a possible rethinking of our conviviality.”