Candida Höfer
Bank Nürnberg, 1999
Candida Höfer (1944)
Bank Nürnberg, 1999
140 x 140 cm
© Candida Höfer, VG Bild-Kunst / SOMAAP / México / 2021
Candida Höfer makes images of public spaces such as libraries, auditoriums, lobbies, and museums where she studies these places and the recurring elements within them, making us aware of either harmonious compositions or inevitable disarray. Bank Nürnberg features the cold environment of the interior of a bank vault. The repetitive rectangles of the safe deposit boxes are echoed in the small squares of the tiled floor. A graduate of the Düsseldorf School led by the Bechers that produced a defining generation in German photography, Höfer direct and precise compositions offer a reflection on the architectonic spaces we inhabit and take for granted.
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