Ale de la Puente
Ventana [Window], 2004
Ale de la Puente (1968)
Ventana [Window], 2004
C-print on Duratrans mounted in light box
48 x 72 x 5 cm
Ale de Puente’s work offers an endless view into her varied research projects, from astronomy to sailing, mainly interested in materials and how they can be transformed. Time is a recurrent theme in her work, and she has approached it in many ways. Depicting the way light crosses through fabric curtains, Ventana [Window] is a color photograph mounted on a light box. The image is simultaneously intimate, possibly showing a window in the artist’s home, and commonplace, as it could be observed in almost any home. De la Puente reflects on the capacity of light to indicate the time of day, by the intensity with which it shines or the interiors it illuminates at certain moments. The lightbox also spills light onto the wall, replicating the scene in the picture and creating an intimate space in the gallery.