Thomas Demand
Flare, 2002
Thomas Demand (1964)
Flare, 2002
28 C-prints
48 x 60 cm each
© Thomas Demand / Courtesy Matthew Marks Gallery / VG Bild-Kunst / SOMAAP / México / 2021
This work is composed of 28 photographs of the same scene depicting the sun blazing through the leaves of a tree from different positions under its cover. Each seems to capture a different quality of light as the camera attempts to focus on the sun that is analogous to how we observe with our naked eyes. However, the scene is an artifice. Thomas Demand constructs life-size sets made out of cardboard and paper, then photographs them. What we see in Flare is not the sun seen through a forest, but the glare of a sun machine—used in movies—seen through paper leaves.