15.MAR. - 14.MAY.2023
Cartier Design: A Living Legacy

The Museo Jumex presents Cartier Design: A Living Legacy, an exhibition that travels across the Maison’s history through a selection of its most iconic jewels. With more than 160 pieces from the legendary Cartier Collection, as well as private collections and archival documents, the exhibition invites the public to delve into the evolution of Cartier style, the Maison’s distinctive language, its design and savoir-faire.

Curated by Ana Elena Mallet, and museography by architect Frida Escobedo, the exhibition studies Cartier’s design, as well as its craftsmanship, and shows a contemporary view without losing sight of its rich, complex past. The pieces shown here are design objects. They are art, and they are long-lasting, evolving history that remains alive.

The pieces presented in the exhibition are extraordinary watches, jewelry, and decorative objects. In this way, they are a testimony of Cartier’s heritage, its historic importance, and its relevance today. This heritage continues to inspire the Maison’s new generations of designers, who pay tribute to it, keep it alive in its distinctive pioneering spirit, and reimagine it for the present and the future.

Exhibition organized by Museo Jumex in collaboration with Maison Cartier.
Curator: Ana Elena Mallet; exhibition designer: Frida Escobedo.

Installation view Cartier Design: A Living Legacy. Museo Jumex, 2023. Photo: Moritz Bernoully.

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