15.MAR. - 14.MAY.2023
Cartier Design. A Living Legacy
The exhibition Cartier Design. A Living Legacy offers a journey through the history of the Maison and its iconic jewelry. But above all it provides an account of the Cartier style, its distinctive language and excellence of craftsmanship, and the transmission of this vocabulary over time. Through a selection of objects coming from the Cartier Collection as well as institutional and private collections, exhibition evidences how Cartier Living Heritage serves as an inspiring resource for designers as its creative repertoires continue to evolve through the permanent and universal curiosity of the Maison from generation to generation.

Exhibition organized by Museo Jumex in collaboration with Maison Cartier.
Curator: Ana Elena Mallet; exhibition designer: Frida Escobedo.

Image Snake necklace. Cartier Paris, special order, 1968
Provenance: María Félix
Cartier Collection
Vincent Wulveryck, Cartier Collection © Cartier