Roundtable: El Instituto de la Telenovela (Soap-opera Institute)

The closing event of Instituto de la Telenovela will be a roundtable discussion moderated by Aldo Sánchez on the worldwide phenomenon of the telenovela, with the presence of Verónica Castro, Tomás López Pumarejo, Alberto Barrera Tyszka, and Pablo Helguera to address the theme from different study fields such as sociology, literature, screenwriting, and acting.

Aldo Sánchez

Tomás López Pumarejo
Theorist and academic born in Puerto Rico. He is currently a professor at Koppelman School Business, at Brooklyn College and at the City University of New York. He holds two doctorates from the University of Minnesota, and Universidad de Valencia, Spain. He is known internationally for his work on television and in particular the impact of soap opera in different cultural and communication processes.

He is the author of “Telenovela Storms: Global Formulas” (Revista Álvaro Cueva, 2006); “Telenovelas: A Global Product" (Telenovela Institute: Los del Este/EastEnders, Royal College of Art, 2004); “The Educational Nature of Serial Drama: Telenovelas and Soaps” (Archivos de la Filmoteca 31, 1999) and Aproximación a la telenovela Approaching Telenovelas.

** Alberto Barrera Tyszka **
Venezuelan writer awared with the “Herralde” prize for novel in 2006 and the “Tusquets” award in 2015. In addition to his well-known trajectory as a novelist, he is a regular contributor of publications such as El Nacional and Letras Libres. As a scriptwriter, Barrera has also written more than ten telenovelas for Mexican and Venezuelan television, including Amanda Sabater (Radio Caracas Televisión, Venezuela, 1989) and Nada personal (TV Azteca, 1996).

** Aldo Sánchez **
He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Science from Universidad Iberoamericana de Puebla and a Master’s Degree in Curatorial Practice from the California College of Arts in San Francisco, California. He held the position of program coordinator at the Mexican Cultural Institute of New York from 2006 to 2011; director of Y Gallery in New York from 2012 to 2013, and since May 2013 he works as director of Communications and Public Relations at Museo Estanquillo Colecciones Carlos Monsiváis. He currently teaches the Diploma in Cultural Management of the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas, UNAM, and is writing a book on the Mexican telenovela Los ricos también lloran (The Rich Also Cry) and its repercussions in Russia.

Round table: El Instituto de la Telenovela (Soap Opera Institute
Round table: El Instituto de la Telenovela (Soap Opera Institute
This roundtable is organized by Pablo Helguera and the curatorial and education staff at Museo Jumex.