Jardín Portátil
Sofía Táboas
Sofía Táboas. Jardín portátil, 2001. La Colección Jumex
In this piece, Sofía Táboas uses live plants on a base with wheels. Have you ever seen plants inside an art museum? Sometimes in big cities, trees and plants become more and more invisible. Can you imagine if you could take your own garden everywhere? We invite you to create your own portable garden.
  • A notebook
  • Leaves and flowers
  • Glue stick
Step One
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Pick different leaves and flowers from your garden.
Step Two
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Place the leaves and flowers you chose in your notebook. You can organize them by shape, size, or color, so they can tell a story or connect with each other. You could even use them to draw pictures with them.
Step Three
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Finally glue them to your notebook with the glue stick. You can make some additional notes or drawings to complete your portable garden.
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