Eugenia Martínez
Eugenia Martínez. Corset, 2006. La Colección Jumex

Through practices, phrases and objects, Eugenia Martínez reflects on some customs that prevail in our societies and distance us from the ideals of equality and equity.

We propose the following:

  • A cell phone, tablet or portable camera
Step One
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Choose a piece of clothing that you like, put it on and take a photo of yourself.
Step Two
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Now select a garment that you dislike or make you feel uncomfortable, put it on and take another photo.

Look at the photographs and think, how do you feel when wearing a garment that you like? How do you feel about wearing a garment that you dislike? How do we express what we like or dislike based on our body language? Why do we wear clothes that make us uncomfortable?

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