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Mediation of Images: Conversation with François Bucher

Museo Jumex organizes a series of conversations between Mario García Torres and invited guests, in which some issues relevant to the exhibition Solo, will be discussed.

These discussions will be transmitted in real time on our webpage.

Moderated by: Kit Hammonds, Chief Curator, Museo Jumex.

Mediation of Images
Conversation with François Bucher*
11.JUN. 2020
*The conversation will take place in Spanish.

François Bucher

Graduated from the Plastic Arts Program of the Universidad de los Andes. M.F.A. in cinema from ‘The School of the Art Institute’ in Chicago. Visiting professor at the Academy of Fine Arts, Umea University, Sweden, for 13 years. He finished his (previous) doctorate requirements in artistic practice at the same institution.

His work and research span within a wide range of interests and media, which were initially focused on issues related with ethical and aesthetic issues surrounding film, television, and the media in their broadest sense. Until 2008 his work can be described as conceptual and with a political focus. Since then, his ideas have taken another turn and his production of the last decade is in dialogue with issues related with picking up weak signals —from other planes in the spectrum of perception— and the discovery of patterns in “background noise”.