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The Passage of Time: Conversation with Chantal Peñalosa

Museo Jumex organizes a series of conversations between Mario García Torres and invited guests, in which some issues relevant to the exhibition Solo, will be discussed.

These discussions will be transmitted in real time on our webpage.

Moderated by: Kit Hammonds, Chief Curator, Museo Jumex.

The Passage of Time Conversation with Chantal Peñalosa*
*The conversation will take place in Spanish

Chantal Peñalosa

Through gestures and actions that intervene in everyday life, Chantal Peñalosa establishes dialogues with entities that apparently cannot respond: memories, rumours, architecture, stones, clouds, aromas or gestures. Performatic actions archived in photographs, sculptures, installations, publications, or videos. Her explorations dialogue with phenomenons such as waiting, the unnoticed, and the passage of time, shinning light on political and social issues. She’s recently been working on art history and literature passages, that seem to be forever on stand by having been omitted, forgotten, or rejected.

Her work has been shown in institutions like M HKA Museum, Belgium (2019); ESPAC, Mexico (2019); XII Bienal FEMSA, Mexico (2018); Museo Amparo, Mexico (2018); CCI Fabrika, Russia (2017), La Tallera, Mexico (2015); ZKM Center for Art and Media, Germany (2015), MUAC, Mexico (2014), amongst others.