Divergencias Negra
María Ezcurra Lucotti
María Ezcurra Lucotti. Divergencias negra, 2009. La Colección Jumex

In this artwork, the artist María Ezcurra Lucotti uses black nylon stockings and knitting hoops to produce a sculpture composed of organic forms, that explores the tensions between the body and what we use to cover it up.

We propose the following activity:

  • Clothes
  • Long and stiff objects like a pencil or a ruler
  • Your body
Step One
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Select pieces of clothing with different textures, preferably elastic.
Step Two
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Use the rigid objects to alter the natural form of the pieces of clothing.
Step Three
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Generate a composition with the different altered clothing pieces and observe how they transform into sculptures.

Remember: This activity can be done with more people, so you are able to compare how the clothing pieces may be altered in different ways.

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