Vito Acconci
Vito Acconci. Blinks, 1969. La Colección Jumex

On November 23rd, 1969, the multidisciplinary artist Vito Acconci walked the street with his Kodak Instamatic 124 camera, and during his walk, he took a photo each time he blinked. The camera became an extension of his body, working as his eyes, when they weren’t seeing. The art work is made up of 12 photos equivalent to the times he blinked during his trayectory, and a series of notes about the action. Acconci performed and documented this act, and it is the documentation together with the action, that makes up the artwork. Look at how the goal was not to create something—an object—, but to illustrate the process of the action itself.

Have you ever wondered all the things we don’t see because of blinking?

We propose the following activity:

What you need:
• Cellphone, tablet, or portable camera
• An episode of your favorite cartoon or series
• Your eyes
Step One
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Pick a cartoon or TV show.
Step Two
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With a camera, take a photo of the screen each time you blink.
Step Three
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Once the TV show or cartoon of your choice has ended, open your photo gallery to take a look at the sequence of instants you missed while blinking.

Remember this activity can be done with other people so you’ll be able to share the episode bits each participant missed. Are they different, or the same as yours?

We would love to see your photo sequence! Share them with us by tagging @museojumex on Instagram or Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo on Facebook.