Unique presentation of The Well-Tempered Exposition by the Mexican artist Pablo Helguera, which explores the rhetorical, visual and compositional resources of a performance. Composed of music and voice, this performance uses the compositional structures of Johann Sebastian Bach’s study manual, The Well-Tempered Clavier. Written between 1722 and 1744, the manual contains guidelines for a student or music professional to master his technique and is one of the most important works in musical history. Helguera was inspired by these compositional structures to make textual transpositions of the movements and harmonies, so that each prelude or fugue has a textual equivalent that is interpreted by actors.

The performance will feature the participation of José Antonio Cordero “Pepe Lamb”, Patricio Villarreal, Paolina Orta, Gisela Cortés y Fernanda Villegas, in addition to Beatriz Helguera-Snow on the piano and the direction of Héctor Bourges.


Organized by Julieta González, artistic director, and Cindy Peña, curatorial assistant, Museo Jumex.

We appreciate the collaboration of the Centro Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes for the presentation of this project.