The exhibition of a film.
An exhibition by Mathieu Copeland

The Exhibition of a Film is an exhibition by curator Mathieu Copeland, which can only be seen on a movie screen. In this project, various artists create a visual and sound polyphony through the textures provided by the movie theater space.

The pace of this film stems off from the spatial adaptation of the projected image and the sound heard. The movie’s sound spacialization defines its different textures, creating an exhibition that should be both seen and heard; in other words, it is an experience inside the movie theater.

The Exhibition of a Film faces the uniqueness of images along with their possible onscreen fragmentation. It is constructed through the intermittence and confrontation of abstract elements and/or filmed scenes. The exhibition is not a mere sequential selection of short films by the artists; each layer is a constituent part of the whole, and its purpose is to become a potential field for action.

Mac Adams
Fia Backström
Robert Barry
Erica Baum
Stuart Brisley
Jonathan Burrows
Nick Cave
David Cunningham
Philippe Decrauzat
Peter Downsbrough
Maria Eichhorn
F.M. Einheit
Tim Etchells
Alexandre Estrela
John Giorno
Sam Gleaves
Kenneth Goldsmith
Myriam Gourfink
Karl Holmqvist
Marie-Caroline Hominal
Myriam Lefkowitz
Franck Leibovici
Benoît Maire
Charles De Meaux
Karen Mirza & Brad Butler
Ieva Miseviciuteė
Meredith Monk
Charlotte Moth
Phill Niblock
Deborah Pearson
Vanessa Place
Michael Portnoy
Lee Ranaldo
Lætitia Sadier
Laurent Schmid
Leah Singer
Mieko Shiomi
Susan Stenger
Sofia Diaz + Vítor Roriz
Kasper T. Toeplitz
Daniel Turner
Cosey Fanni Tutti
Alan Vega
Lawrence Weiner

Mathieu Copeland has developed a practice whose interests include the subversion of the traditional roles of the concept of exhibitions, as well as renewing our perception thereof. Among many more, he co-curated the VOIDS, A Retrospective exhibition at the Pompidou Center, Paris and at Kunsthalle Bern, and edited the VOIDS anthology. Mathieu curated A Choreographed Exhibition at Kunsthalle St Gallen, La Ferme du Buission and CA2M, Madrid, as well as _Soundtrack for an Exhibition, Alan Vega and Gustav Metzger at the Musée d’Art Contemporain de Lyon, and A Mental Mandala at MUAC, Mexico City. He started and curated A Spoken Word Exhibitions, Reprise and Exhibitions to Hear Read, presented in 2013 at MoMa, Nueva York. Among his most recent exhibitions, Copeland curated in 2016_ A Retrospective of Closed Exhibitions_ at Kunsthalle Fribourg, Switzerland and in 2017 The Exhibition of a Dream at the Gulbenkian Foundation. Between 2012 and 2013, he was guest curator at the Jeu de Paume, Paris, and also with Philippe Decrauzat at Le Plateu, FRAC Ile-de-France, Paris, 2014-2015. He published the renowned Choreographing Exhibitions anthology (Les presses du réel, 2013; translated to Spanish as Coreografiar Exposiciones CA2M in 2017) and made The Exhibition of a Film, an exhibition in a movie format. In 2017, he edited The Anti-Museum anthology, co-published by Koenig Books.

Organized in collaboration with Cineteca Nacional.