Carlos Amorales
Place for an imaginary friend, 2003
Carlos Amorales (1970)
Place for an imaginary friend, 2003
3 mobiles and vinyl
Variable dimensions

Through his work, Carlos Amorales reflects on the limits of language and translation, experimenting with the relation between image and sign. His multidisciplinary practice encompasses animation, drawing, installation, video, and performance. With his studio he has developed alternative work models that promote a collective involvement in a wide variety of projects, which are often informed by complex research processes that look into art, history, literature and film, among other fields. This has led him to collaborate with professional animators, composers, designers, actors and musicians. In Place for an imaginary friend, the silhouette of a woman and the spiderwebs that compose the mural were extracted from the artist’s Archivo Líquido [Liquid Archive]. Began in 1999 and nourished over ten years, this digital database contained vector line drawings generated from his own photographs as well as from images in magazines, art publications and on the Internet.

Image: Courtesy of the artist and kurimanzutto, Mexico City / New York

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