Jose Dávila
Joint effort, 2014
Jose Dávila (1974)
Joint effort, 2014
Mirror, boulder, and commercial ratchet strap
189 x 130 x 73 cm

José Dávila pushes the limits of forms and construction materials, exploring the relationship between symbols and meanings to articulate them in different ways. Working mainly in sculpture, the artist references Minimalism while also looking at Latin-American movements like Neo-Concretism and the utopian values put forward by modernist architecture. Through this process, he reflects critically on the History of Art but also on the poetic aspect of failure and limitations. Drawing on his training as an architect, he continuously investigates different materials such as concrete, crystal, rock and wood, confronting them in situations of physical tension and testing their potential to balance one another.

Image: Courtesy of the artist and Travesía Cuatro.
Photo: Alejandra Jaimes