Mark Dion
Paris Streetscape, 2017
Mark Dion (1961)
Paris Streetscape , 2017
Iron, wood, stuffed animals and mixed media
190 x 150 x 250cm
Mark Dion explores the visual representation of nature and the history of the natural sciences. In his work, Dion takes up the format of the diorama to realistically reconstruct and stage events, stories, and habitats. Invented in the 19th century by the French painter and photography pioneer Louis Daguerre, this kind of animated theater with light effects and stuffed animals became a must in natural history museums. Paris Streetscape shows a modern diorama of a Parisian alley, where crows, pigeons, rats, and foxes feed on a huge garbage container. Sheltered in a large glass vitrine, this scene breaks with the idyllic vision of animals that inhabit only their natural ecosystems. Dion’s sculptures often highlight the impact of pollution and consumer culture on the environment, revealing the connections and interdependency of the animal, plant, and human spheres and nature as a cultural idea.
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