Abraham Cruzvillegas
Esculturas pendientes, 11 [Pending Sculptures 11], 2019
Abraham Cruzvillegas (1968)
Esculturas pendientes, 11 [Pending Sculptures 11], 2019
Wood, metal, stone, synthetic fiber, natural fiber, ceramic, oil, soil, living organism
311 x 283 x 130.5 cm

In this series of sculptures, Abraham Cruzvillegas reflects on equilibrium, the threat of collapse and fragility, notions that have always been present in his practice. For Cruzvillegas, this sculptural assemblage presents a vision of how the things that surround us inform our ever-changing identity, while also articulating ideas about the territory, ecology, the economy, industrial development, and animism. The title, Esculturas pendientes, can be translated, on the one hand, as a reference to the fact that the work is suspended from the gallery ceiling, but on the other, it alludes to a temporary reading of the piece, which perhaps was postponed or pending, but has finally been completed by the artist. Likewise, by marking the piece with an empty Venn diagram, Cruzvillegas leaves the door open for viewers to use their intuition, interweave their own narratives and freely associate other meanings with the installation.

Image: Courtesy of the artist and kurimanzutto, Mexico City / New York