Jonathan Monk
Deflated Sculpture no. III, 2009
Jonathan Monk (1969)
Deflated Sculpture no. III , 2009
Stainless steel and white maple
43.2 x 47 x 90.2 cm sculpture 81.3 x 58.7 x 105.4 cm pedestal
Jonathan Monk creates works than address the status of the art world and the art market. His work offers a reflection on Conceptual and Minimal art, often imitating the work of other artists. In Deflated Sculpture no. III, 2009, Monk takes one of Jeff Koons’s most known works, Rabbit from 1986, and casting it as a progressively deflating bunny. According to Monk’s gallery, “As Koons raised everyday mundane objects to iconic status, Monk literally deflates this monumentality using a characteristic whimsical twist and a wink to Claes Oldenburg’s soft sculptures.” In a way, Monk’s work addresses the problem of hastily elevating a work of art to the position of canon, while also warning against the dangers of the artist as “brand”.