Wilfredo Prieto
Estanque [Pond], 1992
Wilfredo Prieto (1978)
Estanque [Pond], 1992
Oil barrels, oil, water, frog
Wilfredo Prieto’s sculptures and installations are characterized by the use of everyday objects or recognizable materials, which often serve to reflect on contemporary culture and consumption in society. With an almost disconcerting simplicity, his work presents metaphors open to the interpretation of each viewer, without making judgments or taking a stand on the social, poetic and political issues that he explores in his pieces. In Estanque [Pond], the artist proposes to cover the top of a series of oil barrels with water, making this surface a kind of improvised habitat for a living frog. This installation invites one to think about the relationship between oil companies and the environment, as well as observe how animals adapt to the most adverse or implausible circumstances.