Anri Sala
Fuera del Carrusel [Off of the Carousel], 2002
Anri Sala (1974)
Fuera del Carrusel [Off of the Carousel], 2002
82.5 x 102.5 x 4.5 cm
Anri Sala’s work is the result of research about specific places or moments in history, as well as the personal and political implications that inhabit them. However, his photographs and videos almost always appear devoid of a specific explanation of the facts. The artist chooses to synthesize his process into portraits of curious scenes or perplexing situations. Fuera del Carrusel [Off the Carousel], recreates a photograph Sala found in the digital archive of the modernist architect Luis Barragán, where the sculpture of a wooden horse is shown on the roof of his house in Mexico City. When Sala visited Barragan’s house, he was struck by the fact that the statue had disappeared without a trace. It is this absence that inspires the photograph, where a white horse appears perched on a pedestal, watching the view of the city with melancholy, as if it had strayed from the fair.