Gabriel Orozco
Pulpo [Octopus], 1991
Gabriel Orozco (1962)
Pulpo [Octopus], 1991
47.3 x 31.6 cm
Through his photographs, Gabriel Orozco proposes a reflection on objects and materials, organic and inorganic, found or manipulated by the artist. Choice as a form of creation - crucial for Duchamp’s readymades - has a fundamental role in his work, which extends to the act of titling his works. Orozco transforms the ordinary by merely adding a title to an apparently banal image, such as Pulpo [Octopus], which brings to life a tangle of rusty pipes under an outdoor sink. Here the readymade is not so much a thing found by the artist but the result of a linguistic and poetic interaction, which has the potential to change the perception of an everyday scene.