15.OCT.2010 - 06.MAR.2011
¡Sin techo está pelón!

Sin techo está pelón looks at different ways of life through architectural and urban development in pieces creates in different places such as Ecatepec, Estado de México (where La Colección Jumex is located); Reykjavik, Iceland; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Tirana, Albany.

The name of the show is a reinterpretation of the title of the monumental sculptures of the Swedish artist Erik Dietman: Sans toi la maison est chauve, art minimal brut, 1991 Without you the house is bald).

As of 2007 more than half of humanity lives in cities, effecting great changes in the processes of planning,building, and growth of urban spaces.On many occasions the results of this growth suggest that those responsible for the politics of urban planning and development operate without considering the needs of the individuals who will occupy these spaces.

Many homes and apartment have been built in areas near cities with no consideration for the basic services required by the inhabitants:security and adequate lines of communication.On the other hand, in the cities themselves, more and more people live on the streets.These and other topics explored in the pieces on view give rise to the reactivation of critiques such as those expressed by the International Situationists (1950-1970).

This exhibition offers an opportunity, half a century later, to question the validity of those theories.

Throughout the duration of the exhibition we have scheduled a number of conferences with art, architecture, and urbanism specialists who will examine the various themes explored by pieces in the show.This is supplemented by an educational program for a group of students at the Univesidad de Guanajuato, who will assist gallery attendees and offer information on international contemporary art and sorne of its representatives.

  • McCarthy, Paul
  • Zittel, Andrea
  • Williams, Christopher
  • Smith, Melanie
  • Ruff, Thomas
  • Morris, Sarah
  • Amorales, Carlos
  • Roth, Dieter
  • Thomson, Mungo
  • Dávila, Jose
  • Sala, Anri
  • Eliasson, Olafur
  • Shaw, Jim
  • Sasnal, Wilhelm
  • Männikkö, Esko
  • Gutiérrez, Cynthia
  • Ethridge, Roe
  • Tykkä, Salla
  • Root, Ruth
  • Peterman, Scott
  • Ortega, Luis Felipe
  • Maier-Aichen, Florian
  • Limone, Guy
  • Lefever, Frederic
  • Hammer, Jonathan
  • Edeza, Iván
  • Closky, Claude
  • Camil, Pia
  • Bravo, Hernaín
  • Absalon,
Organized by: Michel Blancsubé