Propuestas para una plaza. Fritz Haeg y Nils Norman. Museo Jumex
Textos: Fritz Haeg, Nils Norman, Julieta González, Kit Hammonds

This publication explains how this project emerged that encouraged coexistence in public space. Proposals for a Plaza was a collaborative project by artists Fritz Haeg (US, 1969) and Nils Norman (UK, 1966). The temporary sculptural installation invited the public to imagine and participate in an alternative vision for the museum’s plaza.

The project was inspired by the outdoor spaces of Mexico City, with elements drawn from formal parks, informal uses of open spaces, and the zones of indigenous wilderness that surround the city. Seating and sleeping areas, a kiosk and a fire circle, a seating platform, and outdoor rooms welcome people to contemplate, congregate, rest and play.

Publisher: Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo, 2018
Language: English, Spanish