Andy Warhol. Estrella oscura. Catálogo. Museo Jumex. México
Andy Warhol. Dark Star. Catalogue. Museo Jumex. Mexico
Andy Warhol. Dark Star
Douglas Fogle, Barbara Kruger, Stuart Morgan, Richard Prince, Geoff Dyer, Thomas Hirschhorn, Jonathan Griffin, Kara Walker, Kenneth Brummel, Kerry James Marshall, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Julieta González
This catalogue features various especially commissioned essays such as: Douglas Fogle’s review of the utopian promise and the dark side of the American Century—a term coined by Henry Luce—in Warhol’s early work; writer Geoff Dyer’s exploration of the notion of “disaster”; Kenneth Brummel’s analysis of the “Elvis” issue; and Julieta González’s examination of the relation between the American Century and Warhol’s work from a Latin American perspective. It includes a reissue of a wide range of little-known yet important historical texts, such as Stuart Morgan’s essay, “Andy and Andy, the Warhol Twins: A Theme and Variations,” originally published in issue number twelve of Parkett magazine in 1987. We have also hear the voices of artists whose work, in one way or another, has been influenced by Warhol. This includes reissues of essays such as Barbara Kruger’s “Contempt and Adoration” published in the Village Voice on May 5, 1987; Richard Prince’s “Guns and Poses,” Thomas Hirschhorn’s “For the First Time (About Andy Warhol),” as well as new texts penned by Kara Walker, Abraham Cruzvillegas and Kerry James Marshall.
Publisher: Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo y DelMonico Books • Prestel
Language: Spanish, English
Page Count: 208
ISBN: 978-3-7913-6744-6