The presentation Walkthrough is a central component of the project Scratching on things I could disavow which is part of the exhibition Walid Raad.

It is performed by the artist who examines the emergence of new museums, galleries, art fairs and art collections in the Arab world, alongside the geopolitical, economic, and military conflicts that have consumed the region.

Raad has devised five platform stages for the presentation, each with a floor based on that of a different art space. The artworks on these stages—the exhibition’s galleries—function like props, signaling that the art is just one part in a larger performative project.

It lasts 60 minutes and it has been presented in many important festivals and museums in Europe, the Middle East and the United States, such as the Festival d'Automne (Paris), Kunsten Festival des Arts (Brussels), Ashkal Alwan (Beirut), Documenta 13 (Kassel), MoMA ( New York) and ICA (Boston).

Walid Raad (Lebanese, born 1967) is an artist who has explored in the last 25 years how the violence affects minds, bodies, culture and tradition. His artistic projects have focused on the wars in Lebanon occurred in past decades, and the recent construction of vast new structures for the arts in the Arab world.


This exhibition is organized by The Museum of Modern Art, 
New York.

This exhibition is curated by Eva Respini, Barbara Lee Chief Curator, Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston with Katerina Stathopoulou, Curatorial Assistant, Department of Photography, 
The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

For its presentation at Museo Jumex, the exhibition has been coordinated by Ixel Rión, Curatorial Assistant.