Ancient and Modern Foods
Eduardo Abaroa
Eduardo Abaroa. Ancient and Modern Foods [Comida antigua y moderna], 2002. La Colección Jumex

The sculpture by Eduardo Abaroa seems to be made from the Pingüino cupcakes by the Mexican brand Marinela. If we look closely at them, we realize that although they are similar, these cupcakes are made of a material that cannot be eaten and cover the figure of a mastodon. With this representation, the artist refers to our ways of eating.

How can we communicate something with what we eat?

We propose the following:

  • Cookies, cereal, sweets, chocolates, etc.
  • Jam, cajeta, peanut butter, or any spread
  • Wooden toothpicks
  • A plate, or kitchen tray
Step One
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Gather your favorite cookies, cereal, or candy.
Step Two
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Think of a message you would like to compose. What does the food you picked make you think of? It can be a word, a number, or a symbol like a happy face or a heart.
Step Three
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Use the spread and toothpicks to arrange the food or foods you chose on the plate, to compose your message.
Step Four
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Share it with someone at home and find out if your message is decipherable.
Step Five
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Now, enjoy your dessert!
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