Gobelino Políptico franja magenta (aeropuerto)
Gabriel Kuri
Gabriel Kuri. Gobelino políptico franja magenta (aeropuerto), 2008. La Colección Jumex

In this artwork, Gabriel Kuri reproduces shopping receipts on a large scale using traditional weaving techniques. These usually turn into insignificant pieces of paper we end up throwing in the trash, nonetheless, by giving them this new dimension, the artist proposes an interesting reflection about consumerism and temporality.

We propose the following activity:

What you need:
  • Old shopping receipts
  • Paper
  • Glue
Step One
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Look for old shopping receipts.
Step Two
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Come up with different ways of organizing them. Maybe by date, the amount payed, or the place where the purchase was made.
Step Three
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Glue the receipts onto a piece of paper, following the configuration you’ve chosen.

How can these receipts tell a story? Can they change to act as testimonies of important events? How can they transform to tell different stories?

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