Overturned Rock (1-6)
Robert Smithson
Robert Smithson. Overturned Rock (1-6), 1969. La Colección Jumex

The artist Robert Smithson traveled to the Yucatan Peninsula and Guatemala in 1969. During his trip, he made a series of interventions in the diferent sites he explored. Amongst other actions, Smithson would overturn rocks, exposing the hole where the rock had been.

Do you think this rock was always inside a hole? Do you think that with time, the rock and surrounding dirt, has changed?

We propose the following activity:

What you need:
• Pencils, pens, or crayons
• Paper
• A cellphone, tablet, or portable camera
Step One
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Select a spot or an object within your home, you’d like to document for a full day. It can be your bed, a plant, a water jug, etc.
Step Two
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Throughout the day, document every to hours the state of the object you’ve selected. You can either take photos, draw, or write your observations.
Step Three
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At the end of the day, gather this series of observations, and analize if the object has suffered changes or not.
Did these changes happen because someone tampered, or used this object during the day? Do you think that tomorrows changes will be the same as today’s?