For the next Museum Night, Museo Jumex will extend its hours, offer free guided tours, and stage a market of sustainable goods on the museum’s plaza as part of the Michael Lin: Mariposa B1-09 project.

Market of sustainable goods: 5PM – 8PM


Amasa Panadería Artesanal: Artesanal bread
Cáscara de Nuez: Keto and gluten free bakery
Colectivo Ahuejote: Herbs and vegetables
Cusibani: Sauces and spices
Desplastifícate: House cleaning products
Diamanda Cosmética: Soaps and air fresheners
Ecosaquitos: Reusable bags
Eno: Coffe / Restaurant
Isla: Organic seeds
Mezcal Ahuehuete: Mezcal
Molino “El Pujol”: Creole corn- based products
Nanaxhi Chocolates: Chocolates
Nuova Terra: Bio Wine
Pastificio: Fresh pasta

Some participants do not accept credit/ debit card payment, we recommend bringing cash with you.

Free guided tours: 5PM and 7PM*

The Education Team will offer free guided tours for the exhibition Lina Bo Bardi: Habitat.

*Offered in Spanish
To arrange a tour in English, please email


This event is part of the program Noche de Museos by Secretaría de Cultura de la Ciudad de México.

Image: Installation view Michael Lin: Mariposa B1-09. Museo Jumex, 2020. Photo: Abigail Enzaldo