04.OCT - 12.NOV.2017
Jonathas de Andrade: Visões do Nordeste

Museo Jumex presents Jonathas de Andrade: Visões do Nordeste (Visions of the Nordeste), the artist’s first solo presentation in Mexico. Through his practice de Andrade examines issues of class and race embedded in Brazilian culture. Featuring three of his most recent works, Visões do Nordeste presents the videos O Peixe (The Fish, 2016) and O Caseiro (The Caretaker, 2016), as well as ABC da Cana (Sugarcane ABC, 2014), which explores the role of sugar cane as the economic staple of the Northeastern region of Brazil (commonly known as the Nordeste) during the colonial period.

One of the most promising young artists, de Andrade has developed works that look closely at the power relations ingrained in the country’s social fabric. Using photography, video, and installation, the artist questions the legacies of colonialism and slavery, focusing on the labor conditions it engendered and which can still be felt today. His work often draws on his observations of everyday life in northeast Brazil, where he was born in 1982.

  • Andrade, Jonathas de
Exhibition organized by Julieta González
Curatorial Assistant: María Emilia Fernández